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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Kim Thiele
I wanted to let you know how much it meant to me to have my Dad spend his last years at Gateway Gardens. He lived there until his death at the age of 93. I spent almost every day at the Gardens and saw how he was cared for. The compassion I witnessed for not only my dad, but for all the other people that lived there was amazing. You knew that when you left there he was in good hands. I know that I had made the best choice in placing my dad in your care and because of your care, I got to have my dad with me for a few years longer and because of that I will be forever grateful. Thanks for all that you did.
The Straub Family
Bob Straub’s family wishes to express to you our gratitude for the loving care Bob received at Gateway Living during the last 9 months of his life. From the moment he arrived until the moment he died, he, along with his fellow residents, were cared for with both skill and tenderness. We, too, as family, were welcomed and supported at Gateway at any hour of the day or night, leading to a feeling of warm kinship with everyone who makes up the Gateway family. Thank you!
Dr. N .L. Britton and Nadine Britton, RN.MA.
Our 96 year old Mother died at Gateway Living in Springfield, Oregon on September 9, and we want to commend the area for having such a marvelous and outstanding Care Facility. In this time when many facilities are under fire, we want to speak out for what is an outstanding one in your area. We visited two or three times a year and called regularly and her daughter, who is a resident of Eugene, visited her Mother frequently. From the owners, Administrator, to the most marvelous and patient Caregivers, we witnessed only patient, loving, concerned, devoted care. This kind of work is a BIG challenge and difficult, because of the physical and emotional stress involved. We are Health Care Professionals, who have hired and fired and evaluated health care workers and "we know a good thing when we see it." Were we 100% satisfied with the care provided by GATEWAY LIVING? We only hope if the need arises and we need such care, we will be lucky enough to find such a facility near us. THANK YOU GATEWAY WORKERS!
Clark W. Roeder, D.M.D.
I want to pause for a moment and express my deepest appreciation for the care you have given my 98 year old mother. Lucy lived with you for several years and found your facility first class. Before Lucy joined your assisted living, we visited several dozen care centers. Yours was our unanimous choice. Home cooked meals, activities, cleanliness, were but a few of your winning points, but your staff won us over. Again, thank you for your help and Lucy's care.
R. Stephen Dorsey
I commend you on the very high quality care facility you own and thank you for the excellent and compassionate care my mother, Marguerite Smalle, received during her stay there. After her stroke, I spent some time familiarizing myself with the care facilities available in the Eugene/Springfield area before making a decision as to where my mother would be spending her last days. Gateway Gardens has been an outstanding choice and one that made her life and mine much easier. My mother stayed in Building 196 and the compassion and professional care she received from Suzi, Angel, and others of the care staff was wonderful. And, your kitchen and menus were also excellent. I especially appreciate your high quality cook, Tina, and the effort all of the ladies made to find special foods that my mother might be able to eat as she lost ground to her cancer. Your administrative staff was also , very helpful-especially Sherry, who helped me with various needs and few problems during my mother's stay. Losing my mother was hard, but I am comforted that she had care as good as I would want for myself and in a facility that is FAR beyond others in the area in layout, cleanliness, smell, maintenance, etc. At the last, I appreciate your thoughtfulness with your bouquet of flowers in my mother's memory, they'll be at the service today. Again, I salute your fine facility and if you ever need a recommendation, please feel free to call on me.
Gina-Ron Colp and George-Denise Morschauser
On behalf of my brother and myself, I wanted to thank you for the exceptional care you gave our sister, Louise Genet. Her stay there was way too short, and unfortunately, she passed away without being able to enjoy her new home, or the many amenities that are offered at Gateway Gardens. I would like to express my gratitude for a number of things. First of all, for the way you treated Louise, and from what I observed, the other residents under your care, with such kindness, patience and respect. You enable the residents to maintain their dignity at the end of their life. For that you should feel extremely proud. I also want to thank you for your help with my many phone calls. It was a difficult time for me emotionally, to be here in Connecticut and wanting so much to be in Eugene, but each time I called, you were very helpful and understanding. Linda, I believe you were the one you put the phone to Louise's ear so I could say a last "I love you," and enable me to hear her say the same. For that I will be eternally grateful. Rene, your constant updates were extremely helpful; sorry I made you repeat so much - I felt the need to know everything. Chris, Linda, Patti, Rene, Regina, Audrey and Janita are the names I became familiar with. I am sure I'm most likely excluding someone; please forgive my forgetfulness. Once again, thank you all for everything you have done.
Barbara Newman
Thank you for all that you and your staff did to make the last months of my mother's life comfortable and safe. As you know, Mom had lived in two retirment communiities and in an assisted living facility before she moved Gateway Gardens last April. The care and kindness she received at Gateway Gardens was much greater than at any of her previous residences. I am impressed by the efforts your caregivers made to encourage my mother to participate in activities and to spend time with other residents. She had been very isolated before she moved to Gateway Gardens. It was wonderful to see her surrounded by other people. I also appreciate the kindness with which she was treated by your staff. Even when she stubbornly resisted their help, sometimes even lashing out at them physically, your caregivers were unfailingly kind to her. Last Wednesday as Mom was dying, the staff was also incredibly good to me. Marjorie and Caysee deserve special recognition for the level of care they gave to Mom. Caysee was particularly effective in dealing with my mom when she was being difficult. I also appreciate the efforts of Amber, Wendy, Sabrina, Carrie, Caveta, Jennifer, and Katie. If you should ever need a reference for the family of a prospective patient or a letter of support, please feel free to call me. Gateway Gardens was a very good place for my mother.
How can I find the words to express my gratitude to each individual who cared for Bob during his illness - and throughout the last days of his life? The genuine caring and sincere affection offered to us both will always be remembered with gratitude. The last weeks of bob's life were challenging for him and anxious for me, and in the midst of these heightened emotions, the caregivers rallied around us with the most gentle, kind and thoughtful care possible. I wonder if they realize how important their service is - not only to the residents, but to family members as well. It's NOT just a job - they minister to the needs of us all - and I pry God's blessing on each one as they continue to reach out in compassion to otehrs. Sherry and Tina - thank you for all YOU do to guarantee the best possible experience for those in declining health, and I won't try to name all the names of those aides who went "above and beyond the call of duty" to provide the most considerate and compassionate care for Bob -- they know who they are, and I've tried to thank them individually. However, I just want to say that, in general, the quality of care provided by the Gateway family -- and they ARE our family --was exceptional. Bob was treated with dignity and respect and the utmost consideration throughout his stay with you. If there can be a good experience in the process of dying and death. I'm convinced it will be found at Gateway Gardens. Again thank you for everything that was done - for both Bob and me.